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The Self Empowered Divine Feminine

Mystic Diva Series:
Connect to The Divine Feminine awareness through meditation, discussion and creativity. Begin the journey to your Self-Empowered Divine Feminine. Discover the Truth of your Being, the Song of your Soul. Release behaviors and beliefs that no longer serve your emerging Divine Feminine Self. No previous experience, talent or artistic ability required, just an open heart and mind.

A sacred space for blossoming and celebrating the every day sacred, self empowering wisdom of The Divine Feminine.

During the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009, the Dalai Lama said,
"the world will be saved by the Western women."

What if we are those women?

Many of us are feeling a pull to Be more.

More Whole.   More Centered.   More Authentic.   More Creative.   Just More...

Join a supportive community of positive, focused energy.

Release past limitations.   Transform your life.

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