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Standing Steady in a Shaky World

“Net of Light Gatherings in different parts of the world will begin soon, Grandmothers,” I said to the Great Council. What should be our focus at these gatherings?”

“Standing Steady in a Shaky World,” they replied. “Focus on holding firm to the One Love and don’t be pulled off center by any drama, no matter how compelling it may seem. Do not deviate from your focus on the One Love, no matter what occurs in the world outside; trust your heart to carry you forward. The power of your heart will rise up to match the challenges of the times you are living in. This will happen every time,” they said.

“Take this powerful stance and do not move from it. Go Big! Embrace the All and when we say ‘the All’, we mean everyone and everything. No exceptions. No matter how it may appear to you, there is no ‘enemy’,” the Grandmothers declared; “there is only drama–the play of negative energy. So hold steady and observe the drama play out. Your heart will propel you into right action when action is needed. Always stand firm in the power of love and trust the wisdom of your heart. Your love IS your power,” they said. “Do not forget this.

“Everyone who attends our Gatherings will experience the potency of love. We will infuse each of you with power and because you are part of the Net of Light, as you receive more power, so will the Net. This infusion will magnify the reach of the Net so it can better do its job of holding the earth during this critical time.

“Beginning today to rededicate yourself to the One Love and from now on hold onto that no matter what!” they locked their eyes on mine. “The commitment to Oneness will uphold you in the times that are fast approaching.” And nodding wisely, the Grandmothers said, “Share this message.”

January 2017
The Great Council of the Grandmothers

This our work and our commitment.
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