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ThetaHealing™ is a multidimensional form of healing your body, mind, spirit and emotions. In this gentle healing process, the practitioner and client work together to release limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be held on subconscious, past life and/or energetic levels

Utilizing a combination of techniques specific to each individual, clients quickly experience a release and reawakening of their connection to inner Wisdom and Spirit.

Forgiving and releasing the past makes it possible for you to move into your authentic self. To that peaceful place of self acceptance, Self Forgiveness. Self Love.

With guidance, you will learn to recognize and release your emotional and behavioral patterns, freeing yourself to create better relationships, more personal freedom, creating more choices in how you experience life.

Private ThetaHealing™ Sessions
are available upon request.
$65 (60-90 minute sessions).
Call Marilyn (916) 203-1370

Email:                   Phone:  (916) 203-1370

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